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Used maxalto furniture

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    Used maxalto furniture

    Maxalto is a brand that belongs to B&B Italia group, one of the best-known companies in the world of furniture and design. In 1975 the group chose to create another company, aiming to support its main activities: this is how Maxalto was born, a brand that immediately found its own precise identity. While B&B Italia creates home, office and outdoor environments, Maxalto focuses exclusively on the production of high-profile furniture items. Sofas, armchairs, tables and beds: each of these objects is made with the utmost care. Every aspect of the products is analyzed down to the smallest details, from the initial idea to its creation. The design of various Maxalto furniture is refined and elegant: it fully expresses the sophisticated esprit of the brand. The utmost attention is paid to production: all products are an expression of the perfect balance between craftsmanship and industrial technologies. ciprofloxacin dose for cats For Maxalto, the year 2017 was marked by two new important designs: the Astrum tables and the Caratos chairs, both by Antonio Citterio. The tables - available either round, rectangular, or now also in a brand new oval version, to be previewed at Cologne 2018 - are characterised by a tripod-style base in die-cast aluminium and a wooden or marble top. The chairs stand out for their basic, light design, underscored by a die cast aluminium frame. “After 25 years developing products rooted in artisan materials and processes,” says Antonio Citterio, “I felt the need to offer a ‘moulded’ product; namely, a chair with a die-cast structure, resulting from a significant industrial investment by the company. At the same time, I wanted the ‘design’ of this new product to be an integral part of the Maxalto collection. This chair can be used with the entire Maxalto collection - with the new tables, and also with the existing products. The product is absolutely contemporary, and yet it calls to mind typical twentieth century objects.

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    Ray is modular sofa born of the precious convergence of proportions and. can be used to form all sorts of configurations - even corner and peninsula models. prednisone 10 mg tab The spatial concept behind the project by Antonio Citterio is innovative a system that can be used to create new compositions - two or three seat sofas, sofas. The line consists of two types of chairs one smaller and one wider. Only a few symbols were used for the creative advertising campaign to support the launch.

    Experimentation and research are at the basis of the project of small and large Mart armchairs, which were made with a new production technology using thermoformed leather. The footwear sector was the source of information consulted by the B&B Italia Centro Ricerche & Sviluppo, always careful to identify materials and technologies that respond the best to the peculiarities of individual projects. This is how thermoformed leather became a distinctive feature of Mart. The line consists of two types of chairs: one smaller and one wider. Three bases are contemplated: swivel (with a disk or cross base) and with a structure that allows the shell a double posture position which is more less inclined with just a simple manual movement. A product with a strong personality, Mart has a silhouette imprinted to convey the idea of relaxation. Only a few symbols were used for the creative advertising campaign to support the launch. Ray is modular sofa born of the precious convergence of proportions and volumes typical of Antonio Citterio. Far from any obvious attempt to be different, Ray is a modular system that starts with linear elements, chaise longues, terminal elements and an ottoman, which can be used to form all sorts of configurations - even corner and peninsula models. Ray takes certain characteristics from “Charles” (1997) - the strong points, linearity and simplicity - and reworks them with fine details and tailoring elements, in particular the blanket stitch in the same colour or a contrasting hue, that enhances the removable covers. A main feature is the die-cast U-shaped foot that, along with the seat cushions, contributes to creating an image of Ray as a low sofa - a particularly elegant piece with balanced forms. A successful design strategy that achieves a balance of functional and aesthetic features, and entrusts the details to the right role: the seating system Ray is designed for a long life. Modular, with two depths, with an extensive compositional range that includes linear and corner elements, chaise longue and ottoman, it stands out for the tailoring detail of the blanket stitch that runs along the profiles of the cover, both self-coloured and in contrasting hues. Internal frame: tubular steel and steel profiles Internal frame upholstery: Bayfit® (Bayer®) flexible cold shaped polyurethane foam, polyester fibre cover Internal frame upholstery (RY183P-RY122PF): shaped polyurethane of different density, polyester fibre cover Seat cushions upholstery: shaped polyurethane of different density, sterilized down, polyester and cotton fibre cover Back cushions upholstery (RYG235N-RYLG275N): shaped polyurethane, polyester fibre, polyester and cotton fibre cover Back cushion (RY48C-RY72C-RY72CP): upholstery : polyester fibre, typology : box style, stitchings : blanket stitch Feet: bronzed nickel painted or painted black chrome die-cast aluminium Feet (RY122PF): black plastic material Ferrules: thermoplastic material Cover: fabric or leather (blanket stitch) B&B Italia reserves the right to make technological and aesthetic improvements to its models, including changes to the sizes and materials, without notice.

    Used maxalto furniture

    Quality B&B Italia, Sofa Charles -B&B Italia - Design by Antonio Citterio

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  4. The chairs stand out for their basic, light design, underscored by a die cast aluminium. This chair can be used with the entire Maxalto collection - with the new.

    • Maxalto - new 2017 B&B Italia
    • Armchair Mart -B&B Italia - Design by Antonio Citterio
    • Sofa Amoenus -Maxalto - Design by Antonio Citterio - B&B Italia

    Explore Space Furniture's board "Maxalto" on Pinterest. not only for the bedroom they can also be used in a living area to make the ambiance seem larger. diflucan fatigue Looking for design furniture Made in Italy? Interni is an authorized Maxalto dealer and an international reference model. Learn more about the brand. B&B Italia Charles Three Piece Sectional Modular Sofa Grey Right or Left. $3,650.00; 43 bids. for cleaning velcro. Sofa is used but in good overall condition.

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